If I Were a Tile...

If I were a tile that wanted to look like a river in a child's playschool discovery room... what would I look like? Would I be sleek and modern (and maybe slippery?!?) like the glass mosaic at the left? Or would I be complex and cool like the glass circles and stone mix at the center? Or simple and practical yet still pretty amazing like the tile at the right?

The plan is to have a 'river' running through a "discovery room" at a preschool I am designing and I cannot wait to see how it all turns out... but we have to design, plan, budget, re-design, and build these things before they can come to life and right now we are somewhere between budget and re-design and partially done building.

This has been one of my favorite projects so far and I cannot wait to post photos of the finished spaces! Do you like any of these tiles in particular?

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