Product Review | Maybelline Rocket Volum Mascara

Product: Maybelline Rocket Volum Mascara
Grade: B
Cost: approx. $7.00
Color pictured: Brown Black
Bought at: Target

Ok, I am not really sure how I feel about this mascara. I liked everything about it (the brush design, the color, and the way it held up throughout the day, etc.) until I tried to wash it off...

I did not just just do a rinse it off with water either - I used a makeup remover before I got in the shower, then I used facial cleanser while in the shower and this is still what it looked like when I got out and looked in the mirror. Before I stepped in the shower it looked like it was all gone from my remover, obviously some lingered. The second picture is after I wiped it off with a tissue...

Having this crap on my face bothers me since I do have very sensitive skin when it comes to acne and breaking out. I also don't want to over-wash my eye area and dry it out because that just sounds like I would be asking for wrinkles at that point... but what is the solution?

The jury is still out on this one. I think it is likely that I will continue to use it until it is gone and try to learn the best way to remove it, and then maybe just not buy it again? It holds up really well throughout the day though... I think I know why now - because it is impossible to get off!

Weird thing is that this particular tube is described as the 'washable' one. I would hate to see the product that one would have to use to get off the 'waterproof' one! Paint thinner?

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