Bachelor: and then there was one

UGH. Worst.finale.ever. I know that you can't expect much from this show, but that is kind of why I like it. If you didn't see it, I am not even going to give you the spoil alert, because it was just that bad. Nikki ended up "winning" the final rose, not even an engagement ring, which seems fine by her, but I give them two weeks based on the After The Final Rose show last night.

Juan Pablo won't say he loves her, he won't talk about commitment, and he won't give concrete evidence that they will even continue dating. In fact, he tells America that they are starting their journey now. In all seriousness, that is kind of what happens with every relationship on that show, but they definitely begin it with a little enthusiasm at least.
Juan Pablo sounded like he was angry at The Bachelor show for something, but he did not say what it was. He wants out of the limelight and he definitely does not want to be interrupted by Chris Harrison. There is no love lost between these two now that the show is over it seems. This finale definitely left me feeling like we were hanging... now what?!?

The best part of the whole finale show was when Clare admitted that Juan Pablo whispered the words "I love f#$%ing you." on their last date. WOW! Could this be the first admittance to sex occurring on the show? Regarding that whole thing, why she even went to the final rose ceremony is a mystery to me. I don't understand why women insist on acting like it is OK to get treated like that. Yet, I keep watching.

New Bachelorette is Andi! I really liked her throughout this whole thing, but I HATED her exit. It seemed like she wanted to fight with Juan Pablo over something that didn't matter... and she kept pushing like a typical lawyer. I think she will do well on the show though, actually having a brain. I just want her to use it and not play into the typical male/female BS.

Good luck Andi! Until next time...

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