Bossy Pants

I have first hand experience with this quote below in my own life. I feel confident enough to share this story on the web as this particular aunt does not even own a computer. :)

I have a certain aunt who I don't think particularly cared for me when I was little. I was a little bratty and wanted to do things on my own, as I had a mind of my own. This did not sit well with her as she much preferred little kids who let her do whatever to them she wanted, like put them in pretty clothes and tell them what their favorite color should be... Let's just say, my spirit could not be broken.

Many years later after I had grown up and graduated from college, I think I finally got the respect I so desired from said aunt. I knew she loved me my whole life, but I guess I was just a little more difficult to love in her eyes sometimes. As it turns out, in the end we are very similar creatures - creative types who are strong minded and independent.

I think I have made her proud with what I have done in my life. She recently told me a story of a "young girl who showed a lot of leadership, just like you did when you were little." I looked at my aunt and smiled shaking my head and said, "You mean she was bossy?" She said, "No, a leader, for sure." I think that she changed her mind about me. :)

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