Homosexual Bachelor/ette Show

The hot topic on The Bachelor, Women Tell All episode last night was if there could be a gay bachelor(ette) or not. To me, I think they are focusing on the wrong issue here when Juan Pablo said that the homosexual population is too "pervert" for the show.

Personally, I believe in equal liberties for all so I am hoping that for his sake he was telling the truth when he said that he backs the GLBT community. I don't agree with him because of what he said, but I do agree that I don't think a gay contestant would work in their current format. Let me explain below:

There is a big difference in the pictures above. It would lessen the attractiveness of the main bachelor if there were 25 other - just - as - hot - men there to steal away some of the attention. In the current set up, they ALL want ONE person. If they had a homosexual on the show, there is a potential for multiple hook ups and I don't think that is what they are getting at with the current show.

All this being said, I would probably watch it. :)

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