Out of Office

I think that if you are going to put up an "automatic out-of-office reply" in your email, then you should not respond to said emails while it is up. Every time I sent a message to someone last Wednesday, I not only got an auto-reply saying that they were not working for the day, but I also got a response to my question from said person. 8 times. EIGHT.

People, unless it is an emergency, try to relax on your vacation! That is what vacation time is for. I have no problem waiting until the following Monday for something that isn't a huge deal.

I also took some time off last week and did NOT pick up the phone while I was off. In return, I will not call you on your vacation day. And to the person from Omaha who called me THREE times before 8:30am on Friday morning and did not leave a voicemail - GRRRRRRRRR...

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