British Invasion

This is the kind of invasion I don't mind... but I can't help but wonder why all the hot young actors, in my opinion, are British!?! Maybe casting directors are just as mesmerized as I am by not only their looks, but their accents as well.

Top to bottom, left to right, we have:
  1. Joshua Bowman
  2. Robert Pattinson
  3. Theo James
  4. Henry Cavill
  5. Andrew Garfield
  6. Alex Pettyfer
This is in no way an order of how I would list them on hotness scale, Henry Cavill will probably be my #1 for a while... but Theo James is giving him a run for his money! I think he is about to blow up the screens with his lead role in Divergent. I am so excited to see it as I loved the books.

This is just pictures of their faces... wait until you hear them talk! I have been intrigued by the British accent since I was a little girl and I don't think that I have seen any film or TV show where any of these guys use their accents, for that reason I google interview videos of them. :)

Whatever you have in the water, Brits, keep it up!

Here are three more...

Ryan Kwanten

Charlie Hunnam

Andrew Lincoln

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