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A surprise wedding is not a good idea for 99.99% of the population. In fact, even thinking that this could have been a possibility will now haunt my dreams for the rest of my days... I am just so glad that I am already married!

The gist is that a man, under the guise that he was planning the couple's own engagement party, set it up to be their actual wedding. According to this article, Adam wrote Carly a letter to explain what was actually going to happen (their wedding) instead of an engagement party and celebration of her homecoming from a 6 month sabbatical in Europe. With cameras already rolling, how could she react in any other way than thrilled?

As Carly read on, she soon discovered that Adam had planned every last detail, including picking a wedding dress, booking a hair stylist and makeup artist and inviting friends and family.


Notice one little detail - NO ONE has pinned this article to Pinterest, there is a big fat 0 in the "Pin It" section. Want to know why? Pinterest is for wedding ideas that mostly girls have... and this, my male friends, is not one of them.

A day later after the article went viral and STILL no pins to Pinterest. Men, if you have any questions on what to do to surprise your fiancee, I want to stress to you that THIS is not the solution.

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