Opinion: Amy Adams

Let's get real, my whole blog is just one big opinion.

This is something that has been bothering me for a while...

Can we all just agree to ban Amy Adams from big movies? Something about her just irks me - I think it was her role in The Wedding Date. American Hustle going 0 for 10 at the Academy Awards only supports my theory. And she better keep her damn hands off of Henry Cavill! ;)

Seriously though, I can't believe they cast her as Lois Lane in Superman. I could see her as the "April" character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or something (red hair), but Lois Freaking Lane?!? Who is her manager and what is he paying for her to get these roles? I don't get her.

Does anyone else see this as a mismatch?!?

Here are three actresses that would have made MUCH better Lois Lanes, in my opinion.

Kate Mara
Jessica Biel
Alexis Bledel
Kate would be my number one choice, I have loved her since her roles in Broke Back Mountain and The Shooter. I would have thrown Emma Stone into the mix, but she was already the love interest for Spiderman. One super hero per girl! And I didn't even think too hard about this either, I just thought of women who would be old enough to have a good career in news publications, not too hot that they could appear unrealistic as the character, and not too old that it would be weird if they were single. Amy is 40 years old... you think Henry Cavill, as a 30 year old, would choose her? Especially since he is Superman?

The actress who played his MOTHER is even hotter (albeit again, in my opinion) than Amy Adams, and her last name is freaking Lane! Oh well. Too late to change it now I guess.

Diane Lane

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