My friends, my husband, and I are taking to the road today for a 9.5 hour driving trip to Alabama for our friends' wedding! I do love a good road trip (at least on the way there) and I have compiled a small list below for necessities!

  1. Hydration - water
  2. Energy - Red Bull, 5 Hour, Mt. Dew, etc.
  3. Snacks - salty & sweet!
  4. Blanket and Pillow
  5. Special Indulgences - fast food!?!
  6. GPS
  7. iPad or tablet for games
  8. A good music mix
  9. Cash - tolls, gas, etc.
  10. Comfy clothes
I can't wait to get on the road with my good friends. The whole weekend will be wonderful and I will share some photos when I return!  

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