Pancake Batter in a Redi-whip Can?

For those have have seen this product and wondered...  - I can tell you no, it is NOT worth it.

My husband had this strange fascination with this "Organic" pancake batter in a can... which is an oxy-moron if you ask me. I didn't let him get it when we were shopping together, but later that week after he had gone to the store by himself, this substance magically appeared in our refrigerator. He couldn't help his curiosity.

So Saturday morning he heated up a pan and sprayed this batter into it... it was a little too runny to form a nice circle and the end product, although it tasted OK, was a little chewy.

I guess this is sort of a product review, just not in my normal format, so I feel compelled to tell you to just get the little jugs of the pancake mix where you add the milk TO the jug and shake it if you want to be a little lazy [pictured below]. It is comparably priced, saves a bowl and spoon from needing washing, and tastes a lot more authentic. When you are through, simply rinse and recycle the little jug.

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