Blue for Baby Girls

When one of my good friends decided she wasn’t going to find out the gender of her baby, but painted the nursery blue anyways I was curious. I said, “What if it is a girl?” And she said, “She will have a blue room.” I loved the idea! 

Blue has always been one of my favorite colors so why should a baby be clad in pink just because she is a girl? I’ve heard of people saying “What a cute boy,” when it is actually a girl if the little one isn’t entirely draped in pink, but who cares, it is a comment from a stranger anyways.

This design page “Blue for Baby Girls” is my inspiration that comes from these thoughts and also from my future niece! The room she is to use is already painted a really pretty shade of blue (similar to the background of the page) and this is what I would do with the room knowing I was having a girl.

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