My New Obsession : Fine Chocolate

The great thing about fine chocolate from Christophe is that you can't afford to engorge yourself! At $2.00 a piece you can appreciate the fine ingredients and craftsmanship and savor every bite... this is what makes calories so worth it!

See that little blue beauty on the bottom right? That is a bleu cheese ganache chocolate. This goes amazingly well with a nice Crianza wine before a meal or on its own... one of my favorites! Another of my favorites are the gold domes on the top left - a caramel filled sea salt milk chocolate. The sea salt makes all the difference in any chocolate if you ask me... sort of like a chocolate covered pretzel, without the pretzel. [Pretzel is a funny word.]

You can turn an ordinary night with a movie into a luxurious dessert night with a few fine chocolates and a bottle of wine! This beats ice cream or popcorn every time in my book.

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