Children's School Outfit Accessories

My friend Kasey is very talented and makes adorable headbands and bracelets, and pretty much anything with fabric. She models them on her adorable little girls and has come up with some very cute ideas!

I personally love the one she posted recently of navy and white gingham flowers on a headband. It takes me back to the days where I wore navy and white (and occasionally plaid) for 8 years in private school. How much simpler it was to get dressed in those days!

This one is amazing as well... wonder what my nieces think of this?!

Check out Kasey's blog and her etsy links here.

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  1. jo - thank you so much!! i'm honored that you included me on your blog. i just popped over to check out what you've been up to and it was a nice surprise. hope you're doing well - i miss my charlston girls so much!


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