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A friend who I grew up with a LONG time ago recently started a childcare service. She has worked so hard to renovate a whole wing of her house, add a playset, get licensed, etc. and I felt like she deserved some free design!

My niece recently started going there on a per day basis (when my sister needs a daytime sitter) and she had such a great time! I feel good knowing that she is in good hands at "With Love and Hugs Childcare."

Upon viewing her facebook page I didn't see any logos or banners or anything so I took it upon myself to design one for her as a surprise. I have been so impressed with her drive and commitment to education that I couldn't think of anyone more deserving.

The email she sent me back was payment enough. I am overwhelmed with happiness write now! She wrote:

"My partner, Amy, and I were SOOOOoooo excited after reading your e-mail!! Like jumping for joy excited!!! Not even kidding!! Getting a logo is something we have been discussing now that our name has been getting out there, but had no clue where or how to begin!! We did look at your awesome designing and we LOVE LOVE LOVE the one with the pink!!! It is PERFECT!!!!! Thank you so much!! Your expertise, talent, and kindness will help us out so much!! You truly are amazing!!!! We would completely LOVE to use it if you are sure you are completely okay with it!!!!  Thank you again for thinking of us!!!!!"

Who would not be overwhelmed with a response like that! She totally made my day. :)

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  1. That is an awesome logo! Nice job, Jo! Really cute. You're so creative. :)


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