5 things I would like to have...

Yes, this post is coming a month prior to my birthday, but in no way shape or form do I need any of these items... it is simply a list of extraneous items that I would normally just buy, but do not need... especially since I have been trying to save up a little nest egg. :)

Plus, I am already getting what I want for my birthday! My big sister and my best friend are coming down to visit for a little beach getaway... so excited!


What do I need with a mobile you may ask? I just think it is so cute! I have always loved miniatures, and I sure do have a lot of head room above my desk at work.


I am what you may call a USB hoarder. Plus I like really cool looking shit... and this satisfies both needs! OK, I could settle for one like this:

or like this:
[Look! He has change in his shell! How cute.]


I have really inconvenient hair that has to be dried after every shower or I risk looking like the lunch lady or bus driver or 20 year older version of myself. I think this would speed things up a bit.


by Eero Aarnio

It is my dream to take a picture of my future son or daughter in this chair every year on their birthday (and I guess every month of their first year) to see how they change. I like the red, but would probably go with a grey interior so that it could more easily match other decor. I WILL own this chair someday!


I just get this weird feeling that someday there will be no more typewriters to steal keys from, so it would be pertinent for me to get one of these right? ;)

Pertinent, but not necessary, I know, I know.

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