Adam Scott? Who's he? Google... YOWZA!

I googled the winner of the 2013 Masters this year... holy Aussie model, batman.


When I heard he was cute from the morning show host on the radio I had to see for myself - I tend to be a little skeptical. There are a lot of people that others think are SO cute that I am not really attracted to... Johnny Depp for example.

But she wasn't kidding about this one, here are some more!

Is that a double threat when you are incredibly good looking AND a professional athlete? Tom Brady is about the only other guy I can think of that ranks as high up there as Adam Scott... but there is just something about him being so good at an individual sport that makes him slightly ahead of Tom.

I may start watching golf again! haha :)

UPDATED: He's definitely a triple threat. I forgot he's got an Australian accent! and he's single and rich and...

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