Getting Stuck

Updating you on my last post, my first acupuncture appointment was a success! and like everyone has already said, the needles did not hurt. One in particular, near my wrist, was a little uncomfortable for a while (they left them in for 20-30 minutes) but nothing ever "hurt." She used about 10-15 needles? I lost track.

Everything was great about my first experience and I have other future appointments made... we shall see if anything comes from this! The most promising thing is that I told the practitioner all about one problem I was having and after her physical examination of me (before the needles) she asked me about something else that has been a problem in the past but I told her nothing about! That leads me to believe that there is some truth to all of this.

I have been skeptical in the past, but with a few positive opinions from people I trust, there is some evidence of acupuncture working, I just hope it can work for me. The practitioner said she can get my body circulating correctly again so I will be sure to let you know how it all works out!

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