Boston Marathon Bombings

There are no words to describe the hate that some people can have even though I think that kind of hate hurts you the most - from the inside. What kind of life must you have had to set off a bomb on innocent people? Who are the unlucky ones here; the bomber who has never known joy, love, or their humanity? The members of the crowd who are now dismembered, the fatalities, or the family of those victims?

People at the finish line of the marathon were there for the following reasons; you are the media, waiting for a loved one to finish the race and/or cheer them on, had just crossed the finish line yourself, or were there as a volunteer or worker for the event. How could one expect this horrible act to occur? You can't.

This puts new meaning to my casual joking words of "See? That is why I don't run. Too dangerous." These words are meant in jest when you hear about runners nearly getting hit by cars, etc. but it all boils down to it not being very funny at all when something like the Boston bombings happen.

Running a marathon may be someone's life dream. Maybe they battled and won against cancer and this is proving just how far they have really come. Maybe they woke up that morning thinking that they REALLY didn't want to do this, but they needed to show their 8 year old son what commitment and finishing one's goal looks like, but maybe that same son also turned out to be one of the three fatalities of the bombing, what does that teach?

Throughout everything horrible that happened, there were people running towards the blasts to help those in need. It proves that there are more good guys than bad and that we have to keep fighting for our freedoms. We need to show the good that people can do so that good overshadows evil, and right now we need to show our support and uplift all those who were affected by this tragedy. I pray that they can find peace and happiness.

Although horrible things can happen, life must go on. You can't live life scared of doing something that you want to do, because that fear means the bad guys have won. I hope that twice the runners show up to next year's Boston marathon and that this can be a reminder that good will always triumph. We should help people and do positive and kind acts towards others in this life without a tragedy happening - for it might prevent the next one...

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