Women, Please Don't Give Up On Yourselves to Get Married...

My friend on facebook posted an article from eHarmony about how a "career woman" should act on a first date, and the undertone is pretty appalling. You can read the full article here, but basically it says to:
  1. Leave work at work. 
    1. Fine, I get that, it is always a good idea for both women and men to do.
    2. Talking about work will come off as "masculine and assertive" is where you've lost me.
  2. Let him pick up the tab. 
    1. OK, I understand, chivalry and all that - especially since it is a first date. I would still go for the "wallet grab" though, ladies. I wouldn't want him to think that you can't take care of yourself.
  3. Wear a dress, some heels, and perfume, and leave the power suit at home.
    1. WTF?!?
    2. This is a direct quote:
      1. "Having an attitude of “Well, he shouldn’t be paying attention to my chest; he should be listening to how I closed that deal yesterday!” also won’t help career women get to a second date, so remember that you are in fact a woman and use it to your advantage."
That last one is really screwing with me... I interpret that as it is more important for you to wear something attractive on a first date than by telling him about the big deal you just made at work, because that is masculine and assertive.

But what if you have trouble feigning enthusiastic interest in superficial bullshit for husband-snagging purposes? 

"Career women" or so this article states, would NEVER take this advice so I don't know to whom they think this article is written. This is advice to a woman who wants a more traditional female role in her marriage. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but some women now prefer a more equal say in the household, can feel accomplished in a good day's work, and have more interests in life than "pleasing her man."
I am married and I acted myself 100% of the time during our dating years and still to this day I have been steadfast with who I am and what I want out of life. I prefer an equal say in our marriage and I have a career that I am proud of and it is a big part of my life - why wouldn't I share it on a first date?

I dated a man before I met my husband in which I felt I had to change who I was around him, and that, to me, is the main issue here. It was exhausting pretending I didn't have an opinion of what we did or where we ate, to get dressed to the nines and in full makeup just to have a movie night in, to not overshadow his mediocre career because I am an architect. I swore to myself: Never Again.

Bottom line is, be who you are. If you like talking about sports, you bring in a nice living, and you want to play flag football on your weekends, do it! There are plenty of men who will not only date a girl like you, but will appreciate your independence and conversation and companionship so much, that they may even be willing to marry you too. ;)

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