Moscow Mule

I was first introduced to a Moscow Mule at Tristan restaurant in Charleston, SC about 7 years ago. It was SO good, but I thought it was just a thing that they made only, because it was on their menu of other specialty cocktails. The base of the cocktail, and any good mixed drink in my opinion, is vodka served with other flavors.

Recently, I was re-introduced to the Mosow Mule again at a new restaurant in town called The Rarebit and they served it in a copper mug! After this, I had to look up the drink and found that it is a staple all over Russia.

2 oz. vodka
1/2 oz. simple syrup
4 oz. ginger beer
1/2 lime - juiced
Find more recipes here.

All served over ice in a copper mug. Now that I've had it in the copper mug, I can't help but want a few of my own! They are kind of expensive, so imagine my surprise when I see them on a website I love on clearance!

But then my sadness when I see this:

Sold out. For now. I will own you some day, copper mugs!

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