I Dance like Elaine from Seinfeld...

I have been going to Zumba for going on three years now. I love it.

But I recently switched gyms and this particular workout area has WAY more mirrors than I was used to. All four walls have floor to ceiling mirrored panels instead of just the front and... I noticed that I dance to Pittbull with my THUMBS out. What?

Yes, I give the thumbs up while doing my Latin beat dance moves. I am sort of mortified at myself, but also happy that I have an outlet to dance even though I am so bad at it. Without vodka that is. I am an awesome dancer in the club [read: yeah right...].

This just made me even more fully aware that ALL of Seinfeld's jokes are about real life!

I also played touch football for the first time today. I am kind of obsessed! and also sure that I will be sore come tomorrow.

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