Walking The Dog

I never had such an eventful night of dog walking like I did the other night...

First off, I was turning the corner and walking Minnie on the sidewalk when a car going the same way that I was walking turned right in front of me into their drive way. Like 15' in front of me. As if that wasn't rude enough, they parked their car OVER the sidewalk and turned the ignition off. I had to physically step through the grass and go around their parked car because they were directly in my path.

Let me just say that I am trying to direct my anger into humor lately. I started laughing out loud at their clear act of inconsiderateness and shook my head. I would NEVER do that to someone. I feel like she could have waited the 5-10 seconds for me to get by with my dog instead of pulling in front of us making me stop and then forcing me to walk all the way around her car. Some people...

Also, when I walk Min at night I try to be more self aware. I don't listen to music and my senses are all together more heightened when it is dark outside. There was a car parked on the side of the road with its fog lights on and the engine running up ahead a little later that same night. I cautiously approached it while walking on the sidewalk and then I noticed it was two teenagers making out in the car! It was awesome.

As much as that other lady pissed me off, this genuinely made me laugh inside (so as to not disturb them) and think back to the good old high school days. The days when all you had to worry about was making good grades, being on time for practice, and not getting caught making out with your boyfriend by your parents. Love it.

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